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Links and References

This page contains links to interesting web sites related to astronomy, cosmology, particle physics and string theory.  It also lists printed publications for further study.  Use the Optimized Search Tool on this site to discover more fascinating web resources.

String Theory


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bulletAstrobiology Web Site
bulletThe Drake Equation
bulletKepler Mission: A Search for Terrestrial Planets
bulletNASA's Origins Program
bulletExoplanets Search
bulletSearching for Extrasolar Planets

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Distant Suns - Interactive Star Maps CD

Gemini Observatory
bulletAstronomy Picture of the Day
bulletNASA - JSC Digital Image Collections
bulletChandra X-ray Observatory Center
bulletCompton Gamma Ray Observatory
bullet Distant Suns - Interactive Star Maps CD
bulletGemini Observatory
bulletHipparcos Space Astrometry Mission
bulletHubble Space Telescope
bulletSOHO: Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
bulletSIRTF: Space Infrared Telescope Facility
bulletU.S. Space VLBI
bulletUlysses: Solar Exploration at High Lattitudes
bulletVLBI Space Observatory Programme

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bullet Net Wright's Cosmology Tutorial
bullet Introduction to Cosmology - MAP Mission
bullet A Brief History of Time - Stephan W. Hawking
bullet Cambridge Relativity
bullet Cosmology - PBS
bullet Cosmology: A Research Briefing - The National Academies
bullet Great Debates in Astronomy
bullet Introduction to Cosmic Microwave Background - Wayne Hu
bullet Microwave Anisotropy Probe
bullet Planck - In a Nutshell
bullet Official String Theory Web Site
bullet Structure & Evolution of the Universe
bullet High Redshift Supernova Search - Berkeley Lab
bullet Spectrum of Physics - Alternative Cosmology


bullet Air&Space Smithsonian Magazine
bullet Astronomy Magazine
bullet Sky and Telescope Magazine


String Theory

bullet Official String Theory Home Page
bullet Practical Tests for an 'Untestable' Theory of Everything

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Connect with the World

bullet Educational Resources of Interest
bullet Important Projects that Need Your Support
bullet Telescopic Tools
bullet Microscopes
bullet Chemistry Lab Equipment
bullet Solar Eclipse 2017
bullet Science Project Tips


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