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Discussion on Grava and Cosmology

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October 25, 2002 E-mail message from Kenneth N. Brown, :

FYI   New Physics:  (1) Absolute Velocity; w.r.t. Absolute Rest, (2)  Physics of Thought   

Hi: I am a retired Physicist, Computer Scientist, University Lecturer, Consultant.  My name is Kenneth N. Brown.  I often add, or hide behind, my African name (Orishanimi) obtained while lecturing at the University of Lagos 1966-1970.   

I am writing to present 2 recently copyrighted papers that impact cosmology in a way that requires we rethink everything.  This is a "heads up".    

One is a tool to measure the ABSOLUTE VELOCITY of galaxies (http://www.advancedresearchconsultants.com/vog.htm).   

The second puts the "heat death" out to pasture by showing the entropy balancing (I = -S: Information = negative entropy) aspect of the universe here-to-fore overlooked: The Physics of Thought:  Introduction at (http://www.advancedresearchconsultants.com/physics_of_thought.htm) and the meat  A Report on a Preliminary Investig ation of the  Nature of Thought   at (http://www.advancedresearchconsultants.com/not.htm).   

Now that I've retired from consulting, I have decided to stop sitting on proprietary information from my archives.  I will also stop trying to develop the entire new science (Physics of Thought) by myself.  I am bringing some of this information to the attention of other scientists around the world.  You are not the first to receive this information and you will not be the last.  Your comments will be appreciated and added to the other stunned responses.   

Enjoy the glimpse of a NEW negative entropy producing UNIVERSE containing Thought Space (from which comes everything man-made), Information Space (including genetic DNA memory and computer programs), and Subjective Time (right angle to real time, tangent function producing increasingly more thought per unit real time,..., enlightenment at 90 degrees).   Sincerely, Ken Brown Semi-Sentient Software, Inc. Advanced Research Consultants, Inc.

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