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Frequently Asked Questions 

This page contains answers to common questions that have been asked about grava theory and this web site.

  1. Why grava theory?
  2. Who can participate in this discussion?
  3. What does grava theory mean to the average person?
  4. Who is Ray Cruz?
  5. Who is Dr. Jim Kennedy?
  6. Where can I find out more about popular theories of cosmology ?
  7. What is the main difference between grava theory and string theory?
  8. Has grava theory been presented in any professional journals?

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Why grava theory?

Grava theory provides a theoretical structure to define the basic properties of space and energy beyond those of any particles or waves previously identified by the scientific community.  This structure provides a basis for understanding the beginning of the universe before space, mass or time may have existed.

Furthermore, grava theory is presented as an antithesis to the popular theory of strings.  String theory proposes extra dimensions beyond the three spatial dimensions that we perceive.  Grava theory confirms the human observation of only three spatial dimensions, not six or eleven, as proposed by string theory.  The premise of string theory is a pattern of mathematical models related to musical harmonics that may potentially unify the energy of gravity with all other energy levels.  Grava theory counters that the rotation and spinning of three dimensional strings in three dimensional space can result in the same type of mathematical models as the theorized extra dimensions of string theory.  Grava poses a 3D string model of space as opposed to the 6-11D model in standard string theory.

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Who can participate in this discussion?

Any interested individual is invited to join our discussion.  Scientists, students, casual observers and curious onlookers may all join in.  Sometimes the innocence of ignorance can prompt a question that itself is beneficial to all, including the scientific community.

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What does grava theory mean to the average person?

Today there are hundreds of scientists from all over the world participating in particle physics experiments attempting to resolve the ultimate mysteries of cosmology in search of a unified theory.  Although science has achieved a level of knowledge that supports predictions to levels beyond any requirements for applied technologies, the predictions are based on rules and constants, like the speed of light, that seem to have no explanation for their origin.  Why does light travel at 286,000 miles per hour?  

Einstein, like many scientists today, felt that there must be a fundamental theory that can explain the vast disparity between the speed of light and other constants and rules that are evident when atoms are split open in gigantic accelerators.  The ultimate theory may not improve our ability to predict events in the universe, and may not have any immediate technological applications.  Technology today and in the foreseeable future does not require improvements in these areas.

For the curious observer, however, like a person who wonders about the awesome canopy of stars above, or the fascinating mysteries of the human body, the understanding of how the universe was shaped and why the speed of light is such, is ample satisfaction in itself.  For the scientific community, in addition to curiosity and even fascination, this is the kind of stuff upon which successful careers are based.

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Who is Ray Cruz?

Ray Cruz is an observer, not a credentialed scientist.  When he studied physics in college in the 1960's, most of the established theories of today were just developing.  Although he majored in Physics for one year, he ultimately graduated from Cal State University Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in Psychology.  

The study of cosmology is a hobby for Ray.  Additionally, Ray is preoccupied with developing web sites and inventing things such as a weed removing tool known as the Weed Twister

Ray has also worked professionally as a software engineer focusing on the mortgage industry and credit card processing.  This experience has been applied to one of Ray's web sites know as the Merchant Goldmine.  Ray can be reached at raycruz@ergonica.com.

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Who is Dr. Jim Kennedy?

Dr. Jim Kennedy is an astrophysicist who most recently served as the Associate Director for Operations of the Gemini Project.  Jim received bachelors and masters degrees from the California State University at Fresno and his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Florida, doing his research in radio astronomy at Arecibo and Florida. He can be reached at jkennedy@gemini.edu.

Dr. Kennedy's name on this site does not imply that he endorses grava theory.  His involvement has been one of encouragement to Ray Cruz to continue investigating the fascinating subject of this quest.

Ray and Jim became acquainted and began discussing various theories of cosmology while working together at a commercial endeavor of mutual interest.

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Where can I find out more about popular theories of cosmology?

There are a number of interesting and informative web sites and printed publications listed in the Links and References page of this web site.  In particular, the amateur observer may wish to begin by reading The Elegant Universe by Brian Greene.

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What is the main difference between grava theory and string theory?

String theory proposes a model of mathematics that is described as strings vibrating in extra-dimensional space.  The exact number of dimensions varies based on related theories, but the number tops at eleven.  In contrast, grava theory proposes that there are only three dimensions of space. Within the standard three dimensions of space, under certain conditions three-dimensional strings may vibrate while they twist and rotate in multiple directions.  This results in a mathematical model that resembles the harmonics of string theory, but only requires three dimensions, not eleven.

The benefit of these mathematical models is that they may potentially resolve the questions necessary to unify all the theories of physics, general relativity, quantum mechanics and cosmology into one cohesive theory.

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Has grava theory been presented in any professional journals?

No.  This web site has been created as the primary vessel for the publication of grava theory.  However, all members of the scientific community are invited to comment on this theory or publish any references to this theory in whatever publications they choose.

Questions or problems regarding this web site should be directed to webmaster@grava-space.net.
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