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Discussion on Grava and Cosmology

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September 19, 2002 E-mail message from Chris L. Andreadis:

A different perspective:

I propose that what we perceive in this reality as time and space are not real dimensions in the classical sense. What we understand to be real is based on the intricate, dynamically mutable wrapping of an n-dimensional reality, abbreviated nDR, so that it fits in “our” universe at scales far below Planck’s constant. Time and space are the voids that exist between these local manifolds of wrapped nDR, whereas space-time itself is an absentee medium. If this is the case, then we can defer the necessity of convoluting our own spatial and temporal reality and consider nDR as the seed of our material existence. We do not yet have, however, the words or the mathematics to accurately describe nDR as a quantitative and qualitative basis to a new field of study.

One particular aspect of this unusual concept is that all forms of energy involve either partial or total unwrapping of local nDR manifolds. The elemental forces of our reality are inherent in all forms of matter because of this origami style folding and unfolding (or release). When we see a beam of light dart across the cosmos, for example, we are seeing at least a partial unwrapping (release) of nDR so that it can’t completely fit in this reality any longer. Consequently, the speed of light is not a real velocity but more like a manifestation of a localized unwrapping nDR manifold that can only exist at some primary (or simple) interface between this reality and nDR. This may explain its immutable nature at relativistic speeds. The stuff the universe is made of is, at the same time, centered around and surrounded by nDR though we can never see its true nature from our frame of reference.

A normal nDR frame of reference is a non-material reality where there are no spatial or temporal queues as we understand them from this reality.

I have found that mathematics is wonderful in describing multi dimensional phenomena. But if we cannot grasp the intrinsic nature of nDR on an intuitive level, all our suppositions and hypothesis will be incomplete at best and ultimately flawed at worst. We must invariably get away from our learned perceptions and conceptions of time and space and look at this reality from the top side down.

There is more. But my health has slowed me down somewhat in organizing these ideas into a reasonable order with respect to “our” frame of reference..

Chris L Andreadis

Engineer, Lucent Technologies, retired


From: Chris L Andreadis

To: editor@grava-space.net  

Sent: Saturday, January 18, 2003 10:12 AM 

Subject: Old aquaintaice

You had once asked my permission to publish a short email I had sent you on a basic premise that I was pondering. I now invite you to peruse a short essay on my theory of the universe as we perceive it. Please give me your feedback as I am afraid our more mainstream physicists are enamored with the numbers and have paid no attention to what the numbers are telling them.


Christopher L Andreadis

Retired engineer, Lucent Technologies

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