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Grava: Strings Redefined

A New Perspective on Cosmology

By Ray Cruz

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November 12, 2005

This work expands upon the theory of grava with special attention to strings as they relate to various types of matter in the universe.  Here we assert that the fundamental string changes states that correspond to matter with quantum energies, dark matter and dark energy.  The relationship between strings and grava is more descriptively defined as an analogy between the strings of a guitar and the guitar frame (grava) that holds the strings in place. 

Previously we held that extra dimensions were not necessary to define the relationship between gravity and quantum mechanics.  Now we more clearly illustrate how quantum energy states and redefined strings are related.  The model of resonating strings is one that provides illumination to the understanding of how strings work in the universe at various quantum energy states. 

New String Types

We propose now that the fundamental string is one dimensional only when in the lowest state of energy as found in dark matter and temporarily in other situations as will be discussed below.  Dark matter is a phenomenon that astronomers have noted prior to and independently of the projections of theorists.  Dark matter cannot be seen, but its affects are observed in the universe by gravitational pull. 

The string shape in quantum levels of energy is actually tubular.  In this excited state, the string becomes inflated and has properties that allow it to vibrate and resonate with other strings in similar states.  The single dimensional dark string identified above is not capable of resonating, does not respond to quantum vibrations, and, therefore, is only detected by the affects of gravity. 

The string changes shape, once again, when at higher levels of energy, it can no longer resonate with vibrations or waves identified in quantum mechanics.  In this state it has properties like those of the theorized dark energy.  It cannot be seen, but its affects are assumed to be the gravitational push that keeps the universe from collapsing on itself.  The shape of the string in this state is an expanded tube whose ends have exploded and wrap around to create the shape of a ball.  Thus, the tube openings are like lips that have expanded to invert the inside of the tube to the outside.

Thus, we now define three types of strings:

  1. the dark one-dimensional string,
  2. the tubular quantum energy string and
  3. the exploded tube - inverted ball string for dark energy. 

Three String Types - Illustration of Shapes and Properties

One-Dimensional String:  Dark - Deflated Tubular String: Inflated - Vibrating Exploded Tube String:  Inverted Ball

Strings and Grava Interaction

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In all three states, the string interacts with and is controlled by grava through its ends.  The ends are tied to grava and could never vibrate at all if the structure of grava did not exist.  Much of what cosmologists are concerned about at this day is a way to explain why and how the energies of gravity appear to be completely off scale from quantum mechanics, especially at the levels of dark holes and the original moments of the universe.  This can be explained more clearly by the dynamics of the energy transfer between grava, the string ends and the vibrations of the tubular string.

In a sense, it could be said that all energy comes from grava, but can only be expressed through strings that vibrate at quantum levels or through gravity.  Grava is a singular super-field that encompasses the entire universe.  The world we normally observe is the quantum world.  What we don't see is that this world is being held together and allowed to vibrate by grava.  The dark string is tethered to grava on both ends but is in a state of deflation, is not rigid and cannot vibrate.  The inflated tubular string is rigid and can vibrate at high energy levels, but only the ends of the string are gravitationally connected, and therefore the ratio of gravitational energy and vibration energy is low.  At the super exploded state, the small tubular ends become larger and greater than the tube itself and this causes the repelling gravity at high levels.  In this state, the ratio of gravitational energy and vibration energy is high. 

A single energy iota can and will normally transition from one energy level to another, depending on interactions with grava and other energy waves in the vicinity.  This transition occurs when atoms are split, for example, or when stars collapse to the status of dark holes.  The existence of dark matter and dark energy in the universe are most likely the results of events that occurred very early in the expansion of the universe.  The vibrating world that we see is a small portion of the greater mass of energy in the universe that is either too excited or under-inflated to allow vibrations at resonances that follow the rules of quantum mechanics.

New Mathematical Models

Instead of looking for extra dimensions to find mathematical formulas to embrace both quantum mechanics and gravity, we suggest that theoreticians today should be looking for mathematical models that define the relationship between a tether force and a vibrating string.  The tether force, grava, affects the vibrating strings and vice-versa, but is also in a type of liquid state of its own with vectors of forces pushing and pulling in many different directions.  The super-field of grava pushes and pulls strings in many directions but only through their tips or lips, depending on their shape.  The gravity that results from various interactions between grava and strings is the internal tension within grava when the tips and lips of strings attract or repel the tips and lips of other strings.

The ratio of gravitational energy to quantum energy, therefore is proportional to the ratio between the size of the tips and lips of strings to the size of the string length.  The actual numbers, however, cannot be defined without including the force of the grava domain as the super-field that encompasses the individual vectors of gravity between various internal objects and masses.  The overall size and shape of the grava domain are also factors that affect the actual vectors of gravity in any area.  To look at the numbers from the quantum perspective is the inside-out view and is only part of the picture.  Without including the dynamics of the outside-in view with the affects of the super-field of grava, the goal of symmetry, if ever to be obtained, will be a futile endeavor.

Grava Domain and Symmetry

The grava domain has properties that differ when looking from the outside-in or the inside-out.  The inside-out view is one we can observe and measure to some extent; the inside-out view is a theoretical construct.  The Grava Domain Properties Table identifies the main differences between the two perspectives.

Grava Domain Properties Table

Property Outside-in Inside-out
Dimensions Unity Value 6 measurable dimensions
Symmetry Tension Possible Active
Change Unnecessary Dynamic
History Null Extended, Cumulative

The dimensions of the grava domain from the outside-in view have a unity value that is unlike the phenomena we usually see and measure in the universe.  This is a value above zero that has no limits. The unity value never changes, an absolute value where one equals infinity, and there is no negative component, no zero and no decimals.  This is energy, mass, time and three spatial dimensions combined into an indivisible unit.

From the inside-out view, which is our perspective, the dimensions are exploded into the quanta that we dutifully measure in our studies including energy, mass, time and three spatial dimensions.  Gravity is not a dimension but is an affect of the symmetrical imbalance from moment to moment in the inside-out view.  This will be explained in more detail below.

Symmetry tension is only a possibility from the outside-in view, but becomes an active reality from the inside-out view.  This is what makes everything happen.  The big bang and the entire chain of events that constitutes our universe did not cause symmetrical imbalance but were actually caused by a moment of symmetrical imbalance in the primal state.  This is only a moment that is immeasurable from the outside-in view of unity value, but is all of the billions of years that we measure from the inside-out view. 

Change is not necessary from the outside-in view, but is dynamic and unending from the inside-out view.  The entropy we understand from our perspective, is not a reality from the outside-in view.  All the changes that we measure from moment to moment in our planet, solar system and galaxy are balanced by the symmetry from the outside-in view of the grava domain. 

History is likewise a null event from the outside-in view, even though we experience time and measure time and numerous events very clearly from our inside-out perspective.  Historical information is cumulative and is never lost in the universe, even though some events reduce complex structures to simple structures.  Information that is radiated by light, for example, may describe events that occurred in different time-frames.  Once this information passes our current window of time, it is still available from windows beyond our position.  The affects of that information are also relevant to all parts of the universe at all times.  The grava domain contains and interacts with all historical events from the inside-out view.

Symmetry tension is possible, therefore it happens.  Consider this the primal rule.  Even though this occurs, the unity value never changes from the outside-in perspective.  The tension that occurs is always balanced in zero time in the grava domain.  This is the function of the field of grava: to balance symmetry tension using the six dimensions and gravity.  The unity value is the constant from which all measures of quanta and gravity are derived.  Grava is a field, a phenomenon that occurs only because symmetry imbalance occurs.  Symmetry imbalance occurs, as we said above, because it's possible.  When there is no division of time, space and energy, anything that is possible is happening now and forever.

The field of grava is not large or small from the perspective of the grava domain, since all changes that occur from pre-bang to post-bang to today occur in zero time.  In other words, if grava does it's job of maintaining symmetry, there is no history of time from the outside-in perspective.  This does not imply that time does not exist from the grava domain perspective, however.  All time, space, energy, mass and gravity are included as potential entities with a real value in the outside-in view of the grava domain, even though they are virtually indistinguishable in the unity value.

This understanding leads us to a model that balances gravity against the six dimensions.  Gravity, if you will, is the tool that grava uses to maintain symmetry in the universe.  As described above, the field of grava is a dynamic shape and force that interacts with strings and enables them to vibrate and minimally to connect through gravity with other energy iotas. By understanding the dynamics of this field, as a force that tethers strings, the puzzles of numerical relations will unfold.



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